Ocean Freight

Our Freight Specialists will assist you in finding the most efficient solution for Full Container Loads (FCL) or for consolidated (LCL) shipments.

Our large volume of cargo handling, combined with our strategic partnerships with leading shipping lines and forwarding networks , enable us to offer highly competitive rates and reliable services to all our customers.

Full Container Loads (FCL) for a big variety of different commodities, are the backbone of our operations, giving us deep knowledge to handle any requirement that may arise in the sea transportation.

Navicon SA, is one of the few forwarding companies in Greece specializing in 3rd parties loadings Worldwide. Our experience in documentation accompanied with our competitive prices, have attracted major foreign trading companies to entrust us with their supply chain al over the world.


Truck Freight

Road haulage still remains the main mode of transport in Europe and all over the world. Through our extensive professional network, we can provide inland transport either for your containers (link your warehouse to the port and vice versa) or for international road transportation (LTL / FTL) from and to all European regions.

Navicon is in a position to act as an intermediary for the various types of road transport, like containers, trailers, packaged goods and dry bulk products as well as to serve your transportation needs via our private fleet

Our main goal is to offer a safe and fast transport using a wide and reliable fleet of modern trucks. We cover same day delivery, unrestricted quantity of containers and also handle heavy lift cargo. Keeping up all of the above services, at very competitive rates.



For us in Navicon the sky is the limit! We can organize point-to-point flights and charter planes from a wide range of carefully selected major carriers, while working with key players offering the most consistent and safe transit.

Our services include loadings from small packages to large loads, while we handle the customs clearance, the storage and the delivery of your cargo. We operate with schedules on all major routes so you can plan with certainty and become more efficient.

In order to secure direct and economical routing of your cargo, contributing to competitiveness and timely delivery of your product, we offer simple solutions or combined (sea-air) transport.


Rail Freight

Navicon’s Rail Freight products offer secure, reliable and environmentally friendly freight transportation via rail by keeping your cargo “on track”.

The rising fuel costs, toll charges in combination with the increasing congestion, inadequate infrastructure and a drive for lower CO2 emissions, continue to be the catalysts for change in the world economy.

We are excited for the new project that’s in progress, regarding the construction of a new single-track standard-gauge line. It starts at the western limits of Piraeus Port Authority and enables imported goods, mostly coming into Greece by sea through the port, to be channeled to their final destinations across the country by train.


BreakBulk / Project Cargo

With reference to Break Bulk we mean transport of goods which are oversized (out-of-gauge) and unsuitable for container loading. It is a common method used to successfully transport cargo or goods that cannot fit in standard-size shipping containers or cargo bins. Navicon has years of experience in this specialized market and can guarantee to the customer a flawless performance of this kind of transport.

Due to our excellent knowledge of the regulations of both the origin and destination country, all aspects of the transport are perfectly planned and implemented.

Project Cargo Navicon handles the transportation of oversized and heavy items or shipments that consist of complex components that must be disassembled, shipped and then re-assembled and transport of valuable goods. These highly specialized shipments require individual transportation planning from origin to destination. Navicon are perfectly equipped and fully qualified to transfer specialized cargo such as generators , turbines , reactors , boilers , towers , casting , heaters , presses, locomotives, ships , cranes etc.


Flexi-ISO Tank Loads

Lower the cost of your liquid cargo transportation with tailored made Flexi tank services, from Navicon S.A.

Our trained & experienced staff will

  • Select the correct Flexi Tank Equipment/ COA approved for your commodity
  • Select the most appropriate container and check to be in the right condition
    • With the right specifications
    • No more than 5 years old

We follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure safety of people, cargo, equipment and transport.

The Fitting of the Flexi Tanks will be performed by our trained and experienced staff on our own premises!


Customs Brokerage /T1

In Navicon we believe in tailor-made solutions to all customs activities and we are handling customs formalities for goods both in and outside the European Union. Our people are experienced and has a strong presence in all major ports of Greece as well as Balkan origins through T1 procedures. We offer quick service and reliable solutions for the customs formalities for import and export (intra, IMO, spirits, etc.), running credit, quality controls, cargo inspection, licensing, consultancy etc. in all Greek ports.


Storage and Distribution

Satisfying the needs of our customers is really crucial for us in Navicon. That is why, unlike most multinational companies, we are offering flexible structures and customized services that meet your needs. Our team is specialized to ensure the rapid transport of your goods and the timely and accurate information to the recipients.

In our secure warehouse (200,000 sq m), we can offer storage of containers or bulk cargo, for short or long period. We store the product, we organize direct receipt of orders per commodity code, the discharge and delivery. Our warehouses in Athens and Thessaloniki are next to major highways in order to ensure high quality services. Additionally, we offer 24-hour Security.


Cross Trade Service

Navicon SA offers a global collection and delivery service. Our customers often require transportation of goods between two countries outside the country of operation i.e. Greece, including the required import/export documentation.

We can arrange collection of goods from the country of export to the country of import including liaising with custom authorities in both countries. Goods are often subject to import quotas, tariffs and trade agreements of which Navicon SA can advise on compliance.


Cargo Insurance

We are secured by a large, internationally recognized Insurance Group, so we can provide insurance coverage for all goods. Our collaboration with leading research companies offers complete coverage to our customers, regarding the safety of their products.

Through our partnership with this insurance company, we can offer competitive and reliable insurance (Clause A) in order to cover the customer in case of loss or damage.

In this way our partners are not only insure but also earn time, because our company issue automatically insurance for the goods when its loaded.


In House Forwarding

Navicon believes in innovation, so our «in house forwarding» innovative service, enables us to offer a full package of services for the entire supply chain. For our exclusive clients, we propose solutions that are designed to meet their internal procedures and specific needs. At this level of cooperation, we recommend even commercial software and internal reorganizations of import or export department of our partners, in order to achieve the best possible result.


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